Understanding and Advocating for your Rights

Do you know what human rights are?

Do you know what the UN Women’s Convention or the UN Disability Convention is?

Do you know how they all are linked to your life?

Most young people don’t.

As a young woman, girl , feminine identifying or non-binary person with a disability, you should know about about your rights. Many young people with disabilities are denied their rights by others. Others might try to hurt you, or not give you things you need, or not let you participate in things you want to. And its not fair!

Organisations like Women with Disabilities Australia (WWDA) are doing everything we can to make sure there are laws and services available to stop people from taking away your rights. But it’s also really important you know your rights. You know what you deserve. You know what to do if someone tries to take your rights away.

This video talks directly to young women and girls with disability to explain what your rights are and how you can self-advocate (or speak up) for what you need.

To find more helpful resources for understanding your rights and self-advocacy problem solving, go to our Resources page.

The Girls with Disability: Understanding and Advocating for Your Rights project was made possible through the project funding from the Australian Government Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

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