WWDA Youth Peer-Networking

As part of the WWDA LEAD project, WWDA is hosting a number of online networking sessions to support young women, feminine identifying and non-binary young people aged 15-30 to come along, meet your peers and share your ideas!

We previously held a session for young people to come along and have a chat with the members of our new WWDA Youth Advisory Group (WYAG).

photo of a young woman using a smart phone while sitting on a couch. The young woman has dark curly hair and Is wearing a yellow jumper and denim blue jeans. She is smiling and waving at the phone.

If you missed the first session, or came along and enjoyed it, make sure to pop the following dates in your diary!

  • WWDA Youth Peer-Networking – 7 May
  • WWDA Youth Peer-Networking – 19 August
  • WWDA Youth Peer-Networking – 5 November

Stay tuned for more information to come!

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