Tips to be Healthy and Happy

Doing things to be a healthy young woman can help you stay positive, social and energetic. Here are some tips for being healthy and happy.

Be Active 

Try to exercise every day. There are lots of ways to exercise that are fun. For example, swimming or going for a walk. Before you start regular exercise you might want to talk to your doctor about what kind is right for you.

You might need a support worker or assistant to help you exercise. It is good to tell them what exercises you want help doing.

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Have Hobbies

Spending time with friends and family doing fun things and doing activities you enjoy on your own will keep you happy and healthy. You might need help finding these. Some fun hobbies include, arts and crafts, learning an instrument, playing cards, playing boardgames, doing volunteer work, and reading for fun.

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Keep clean

Brush your teeth every morning and night. See your dentist at least once a year. If your teeth are not healthy your body can get sick.

At least three or four times a week have a shower or a bath. Keeping a clean body can prevent you from getting sick. It helps you stay healthy and smell good.

Two young women looking into a mirror brushing their teeth


See your doctor

At least once every year have a full check up with your doctor. The doctor may need to do blood tests and take take your blood pressure. They will also talk to you about whether you want to have needles (called immunisations) which help you to stay healthy. There is also a special needle that all young women should get. It is for HPV which is a virus that causes cancer of the cervix.

Sometimes you need to take medicine to keep you healthy. Your doctor should tell you why you are taking the medicine. Ask questions if you do not understand. The doctor should check how your medicines are working for you.

Every young woman should also see a special vagina doctor (called gynaecologist) by the age of 18, or soon after you first have sex.  At this doctor you can learn about your vagina, how to avoid sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), how to avoid getting pregnant, and they will answer any other questions you have.

Doctor Examining Teenage Girl's Ears


Healthy Eating

You can choose food to eat that can keep your body healthy. Healthy food can taste good. To stay healthy you need to eat healthy food and exercise.

Every day you should eat 3 meals and 3 snacks. You need to try to eat two pieces of fruit and five serves of vegetables. You also need to eat protein foods, like meat, chicken, fish, beans, nuts, and eggs. You need energy foods, like brown rice or whole grain bread. It is important you also have some food with lots of calcium, like low-fat milk, soy milk, yoghurt or cheese.

It is good to avoid foods with lots of sugar or fat, unless your doctor has said otherwise. You can talk to your doctor about how much food, and what food to eat to stay healthy.

a group cooking healthy food together


Things to avoid

Smoking is bad for your body. It will make your body sick. Avoid smoking. It is also better not to have more than 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol. More than 2 drinks of alcohol a day is too much. Drinking alcohol every day can make your body sick. Drinking a lot of alcohol in a short amount of time (binge drinking) can also make your body sick. It can make you sick if you drink alcohol with some medicines. Talk to your doctor about your medicines and drinking alcohol.

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More Health Questions?

Call Health Direct on  1800 022 222  to speak to a nurse. You can ask them questions and they can give you health information. You might want to tell them you have a disability.

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