Time to Rethink Media

Girls need a variety of role models to look up to. Role models can often be found in the entertainment industry, as we are surrounded by entertainment media every day. However, people with disability (particularly girls) are underrepresented in entertainment.

It is time to #HearUs and #RethinkMedia to be empowering for girls with disability in Australia and across the globe.

The entertainment industry has the ability to change the views and perceptions that society has about people with disability. The entertainment industry (which includes television, film, advertising and music) has the ability to reduce stigma and discrimination by:

  • Educating society on disability
  • Increasing involvement of females with all types of disability – in front and behind the camera;
  • Increase representation of female musicians with disabilities; and
  • Decrease negative portrayals and stereotyped characters (in scripts and songs)!

The WWDA Youth Network wants to appeal to all Australian broadcasters, advertisers, film companies, and record companies: #HearUs and #RethinkMedia for International Day of the Girl #IDG2015. We want to encourage the tv shows, films, and songs that that girls of Australia love, watch, and listen to, to focus more on INCLUSION, EMPOWERMENT, and DIVERSITY.

Home and Away Re-thought


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