Human Rights Resources

WWDA Youth Network has created Human Rights Resources to help young women and girls with disability learn about their human rights. If you are a woman or girl with disability and would like to learn more about your human rights and how they can be used to achieve change in your life or the lives of other women and girls with disability, these resources are for you.

Thanks to all the young women and girls with disability who contributed to the development of these resources!

 WWDA Youth Network Human Rights Workbook

WWDA Youth Network Human Rights Workbook

The WWDA Youth Human Rights Workbook is a resource for young women and girls with disability who want to know more about their rights.

The workbook explains all the articles of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Violence Against Women (CEDAW) in easy to understand language.

WWDA Youth Network Position Statements

Explore the WWDA Youth Position Statements on the issues that young women and girls with disability have told us are most important to them.

The Position Statements are about the issues of violence; decision-making; participation; sexual and reproductive rights; work and education; justice; and a general position statement on the rights of young women and girls with disability.



WWDA Youth Network Human Rights Videos

What are human rights? We’ve created as series of videos that explain what human rights are and how they apply to you. We’ve also made videos on the issue that young women and girls have told us, are important to them.








The development of the WWDA Youth Network Human Rights Workbook for Women and Girls with Disability was made possible through project funding from the Australian Government Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

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