Isn’t it time for some “Period Pride”?

Beautiful young woman in iron armour.


Why are we – still – profoundly uncomfortable about the fact that females bleed once a month for half of their lives?

“The ongoing taboo of menstruation in Australia” is an article in The Conversation, by Carla Pascoe, that has created much controversy. Many people have argued that menstruation is a natural function, like urination or defecation, that does not need to be talked about often. However, when necessary, it is comfortably and openly discussed. But is it really? Is there not still shame in Australia surrounding menstruation?

Australia still has a culture of SHAME surrounding menstruation, which is one of the reasons why the forced and coerced sterilisation of girls and young women with disabilities is still legal, despite the fact it violate numerous United Nations Conventions to which Australia is party. Pascoe says, “Rather than embracing menstruation and talking openly about it, girls and women use modern products to hide their bleeding more effectively than ever”. Is it possible that not just women and girls use products to hide bleeding, but certain parents, guardians and governments use hysterectomies to hide this menstrual “shame”.

Every girl has human rights. You have the right to health services that are gender-sensitive, without discrimination based on disability. You should know about your period. You have the right to be explained why you get your period, what it is for, and options to ‘control’ it [if you want to].

You have the right to be treated equally and without discrimination. You should feel comfortable to openly discuss menstruation without people shuddering or needing a smooth segue. You should feel comfortable to express emotions without others insinuating or remarking that “she’s probably on her period”.

Every month, girls and women all over the world bleed menstrual blood. And that blood is full of iron. More iron than regular blood. The iron fills your soul, creating an internal armor. We are Iron Warriors. Iron Warriors have no need to feel shame about our period. Iron Warriors are proud of their period. Our periods make us strong, healthy, powerful women.


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[Heading] "The ongoing taboo of menstruation in Australia."


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