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The WWDA Youth Network would like to invite you to join the #MirrorLove campaign to show yourself some self-appreciation.

Drawing of a young woman looking at herself in the mirror. She sees herself as heavier in the mirror, and has dark thought bubbles coming out of her head saying "fat", "dumb", "ugly". Over the image is a big, red stamp saying "STOP".

STOP Negative Self-Thoughts

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and put yourself down? It’s pretty normal for young women. If you have experienced bullying or discrimination it is even more common. Sometimes you might put down your appearance, saying things like “I am fat”, “I am soooo ugly”, “my face is disgusting”. Sometimes you might repeat things mean people have said to you, like “ah, I AM a retard”, “I am stupid”, “I am a freak”. Sometimes, you might put down your abilities, saying things like  “I am pathetic”, “I am weak”, “I am such an idiot”.

It’s time you start appreciating yourselves for the beautiful, amazing, strong, smart, brave, young women you are.



Self-Reflect, Activity, Challenge


Look in the mirror for about 2 minutes, and just take note of the thoughts that pop up. Then ask yourself:

1. When you look in the mirror, what do you love most about what you see?

2. How often do you compliment yourself in the mirror? How often do you talk negatively about yourself in front of the mirror? Why?

3. How does looking in the mirror make you feel?

4. Does your mood ever change when you catch a glimpse of your reflection passing by a mirror or window? How?



1. Stare at Yourself. Now, get back in front of the mirror and for 3 minutes straight compliment yourself! Compliment the things you like about your physical appearance, as well as your personality and abilities.

2. Snap and Share. Write or draw a #MirrorLove message to yourself on your mirror using lipstick, or write on a piece of paper. Then take a selfie in the mirror, don’t dress up for the photo or put on make up, just let it be the real you. The natural you. You don’t have to share the image on social media, but it’s a good way to inspire other girls to do the same thing.

Make sure you write at least one positive thing about your looks, and one about your abilities. For example, “I am brave and have an amazing body”.

*If you do share your image on social media, share them with us @WWDA_Youth. Other hashtags you can also include are #MirrorSelfie #Disability #ImEnough #IamBeautiful

#MirrorLove challenge selfie. Young woman looking into a mirror, flexing her arm, smiling, taking a selfie with her phone. On the mirror is written in pink lipstick "I AM STRONG + BEAUTIFUL"

Cashelle Dunn, WWDA Youth Network Manager, taking #MirrorLove challenge.



End any negativity and start to REALLY love yourself!

1. Pledge. Take a pledge to yourself to be that girl in the photo. Whenever you start thinking negatively about yourself, think about the photo, or take a look at it, and try and remember feeling empowered by your #MirrorLove message. Remember that you have those traits that you snapped and shared.

2. 10 Days of Compliments. Take the #MirrorLove challenge and stand or sit in front of a mirror for 1 minute every morning. Every time a negative thought comes up, compliment yourself in a way that counters the negative thought.

Example, *thought* “my thighs look so fat”, counter with “I am so beautifully curvy”.

or *thought* “I am so stupid and clumsy”, counter with “actually, I am smart and good at at the activities I really enjoy”.

WWDA Youth Network Logo above a love heart word jumble containing positive words including "strong", "courageous", "empowered", "brave". Under the heart is the hashtag #MirrorLove.

The campaign was commenced in the United States by the Non-Profit Organisation I Am That Girl, with the aim of getting to know and love who you are, and move beyond our insecurities.

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