Macy Baez is a 15-year-old hip hop dancer from Illawarra, NSW. Macy was born profoundly deaf and has a cochlear implant. She is a self-taught dancer and amazingly talented. Her and her dance moves are the heart of the DEFY Campaign for Sony’s Extra Bass wireless speakers.

Macy has said that despite having a cochlear implant, when she dances she relies on the vibrations from the music. “When I listen to music, I feel the vibration from the speaker to the floor and that vibration from the floor goes to my feet,” she explains.

Macy loves to dance, and has described hip-hop dancing as like having another language by which she can communicate. She has been part of a dance crew for 6 years. Her dance crew, the IllaGroovers, will be going to Las Vegas in August to represent Australia at the World Hip-Hop Championships.
Macy is young, passionate and excited, and her advice for others is simple: “I just want people to follow their dreams, be who they are, and never give up.”

image of young woman, Macy Baez, wearing dance clothes in a warehouse with a quote over the top. "I just want people to follow their dreams, be who they are, and never give up - Macy Baez"

Sony/ Youtube

You can follow what Macy is up to via her Instagram:


Quotes courtesy of:

Mann, B. (2016). “Hearing impaired Aussie hip hop dancer Macy Baez ‘feels’ the music”. Retrieved from:


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