International Youth Day 2015!!

IYD 2015 Graphic and  Quote


Last year, the United Nations openly declared that in order for the world to accelerate progress, countries must invest in girls.

“When female education goes up, so does economic growth… Support the world’s girls. Let us make their future our focus – and they will make a difference in our world.”

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, 2014

Girls with disabilities in Australia should NEVER be discouraged to continue further education. Eligible education providers have access to funding through the Australian Government’s Higher Education Disability Support Program to support students with disabilities from enrolment and through their studies in higher education.

Educational establishments are governed by the Commonwealth Disability Standards for Education 2005 providing equal rights for post school options for students with disabilities (aged 15 to 64) to access education and training, ensuring they do not experience discrimination based on disability. The Standards place education and training service providers under obligation to meet the requirements of the DDA 1992.

The Higher Education Support Act 2003 – Other Grants Guidelines (Education) 2012 outlines grant programs for students accessing post school education and training options.

When considering further education students should be accessing advice and support of the Disability Services in the training establishment. Access to advice, support and grants for equipment to support them through transition into studies at higher education facilities such as TAFE, Universities or Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) may be possible through the Higher Education Disability Support Program.


“Unfortunately, women and girls with disability are much more likely to face disadvantage when it comes to education, employment, and family and reproductive rights… When girls are armed with knowledge of their rights and freedoms, they instantly have more choice, more control, and they add power to the voice that says enough is enough…

 It is my hope that all women with disability are financially empowered and are able to fully participate in the economic life of our nation.”

Senator the Hon. Michaelia Cash, 2015


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