Gender, Sex, Orientation, Expression

"Genderbread Person": Drawing of a gingerbread man with a cloud in its head (with a line saying 'gender'); big red heart in its chest (with a line saying 'orientation'); and symbols for male/ female/ interex between it's legs (with a line saying 'sex'). A big line also surrounds the genderbread person, that says 'expression'.



Gender identity is how you, in your head, think about yourself. It is the psychological sense of self. For example, Girl/ Woman. Boy/ Man. Transgender/ Non-gender conforming.



Sexual orientation is who you are sexually, physically, and emotionally attracted to, based on their gender/sex in relation to your own. For example, Heterosexual, which is female attracted to males. Homosexual, which is female attracted to females. Bisexual, which is female attracted to both males and females.



Biological sex is our anatomy as female, male, or intersex. It includes our internal and external sex organs, chromosomes, and hormones. Female biological anatomy includes, the vagina, ovaries, and XX chromosomes. Male biological anatomy includes, the penis, testes, and XY chromosomes. Intersex biology involves a combination of the two.



Gender expression is how you demonstrate your gender, based on traditional gender stereotypes. Gender expression is done through the ways you act, dress, behave, and interact. Gender is what everyone is around you can see, and is how you choose to express your gender. You can act, dress, behave, and interact however you choose!



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