Dreaming Up: Yarning Sick Disabled Realities

In the absence of a strong disability presence in the mainstream media, the radio station 3CR has been featuring many people with disability from different walks of life.

This radio segment, ‘Dreaming Up: Yarning Sick Disabled Realities‘ is a yarn between Aboriginal women and gender diverse folks which took place for International Day of People With Disability (IDPWD) in late 2020.

WWDA’s staff member and young Aboriginal person with disability, Mali Hermans is featured in this segment, among a number of other First Nations disabled women and gender diverse people.

Listen to the audio recording

Download the transcript

[Image description: A poster with a light blue and pink background. It features a digital continuous line drawing of a disabled person in a blue wheelchair. The person is holding a large black sphere, filled with moon and stars. It looks as though they are literally holding space. There is a burgundy, mustard, blue and black rainbow above the person’s head, with a black heart and star on either side. Black text on the poster reads: “Imagining Disability Justice. 3CR Community Radio]

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