WWDA membership is open to all women with disability ages 15 and over.

Becoming a Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA) member is free and a great way to connect with other like-minded people who support our work.

You can find out more and join us on the main WWDA website.

You can also connect with other women and girls with disability by taking part in the WWDA Facebook community.

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You can contact WWDA’s Project and Policy Officer, Heidi:


Phone: 0448 417 850


The Commonwealth Children and Youth Disability Network (CCYDN) is a disabled youth led network auspiced by the UK organisation, Include Me Too. The aim of CCYDN is to strengthen the voices of children and young people with disabilities through events and advocacy.

As an organisation for young women and girls with disability, the WWDA Youth Network is a member of the Commonwealth Children and Youth Disability Network (CCYDN). WWDA’s Project and Policy Officer, Heidi is also on the CCYDN Executive.

The CCYDN is open to all young people with disability aged 13-29.

You can learn more and sign up on the Include Me Too website.

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