Women with Disabilities Australia (WWDA) has set up the WWDA Youth Network to focus on girls and young women with all types of disabilities.

[image] the shadows of young women and girls holding hands with arms in the air. [text] The aim of the WWDA Youth Network is to empower young women and girls with all types of disabilities to become strong, confident, proud, and educated on their rights.

WWDA Youth Network Mission

The WWDA Youth Network has a mission to provide the girls and young women with disabilities living in Australia with human rights information that is easier to understand. We aim to keep you up to date with events related to disability and women’s rights. Provide you with interesting articles related to you and your lives. Connect you with other young women and girls with disabilities.  Introduce you to the stories of inspiring women and girls with disabilities.


About WWDA

Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA) is the peak organisation for women with all types of disabilities in Australia. It is an organisation made up of women with disabilities and associated organisations. WWDA represents more than 2 million disabled women and girls in Australia. We are run by and for women with disabilities. It is the only organisation of its kind in Australia and one of only a very small number internationally. We operate as a transnational human rights and systemic advocacy organisation. WWDA is inclusive and does not discriminate against any disability.

For more information on WWDA go to the website: www.wwda.org.au

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